If we’re going to settle on ratchet & B as the preferred name of this sub-genre, we’ll have to credit credit Jodeci as being the Jesus of this shit. They were wearing leather suits and trashing hotel rooms back when ratchet was merely a name for a handgun. Although if anyone has seminal tour footage […]
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Max Bell wants to drink sake. Ty Dolla $ign (Ty$) buys his women the same red bottoms and the same perfume. It’s the smart move: if anyone asks, you only have to remember one set of gifts. He also only considers taking a woman to the movies if the head is right. That’s just being […]
Max Bell is LL Cool J’s grandson. You may or may not say no to ratchet pussy. It’s no secret that Juicy J can’t. He doesn’t apologize for it. He has no qualms with all that comes with the cheek clapping. He pops bands and revels in the ratchet  On the flip side, LL Cool […]