Max Bell is the shit like Janet Jackson undressing You can’t fake the funk. You can’t fake charisma. Redman has had both wrapped in Buddha packed Phillies since he ripped the anchor leg of EPMD’s “Hardcore” in 1990. A consummate showman, his vocal presence on wax has always mirrored his energy on stage and on […]
Redman Remixxes October 29, 2013
Max Bell saw a bag of weed on the floor. Reggie Noble is a lot like Devin the Dude. Both are perpetually lifted and gifted MCs overlooked by too many. Yet both have legions of blunted devotees across the globe. The primary difference between the two really comes down to their respective reactions to the […]
Redman addresses the pertinent topics for your Labor Day weekend. This goes out to all the lighter thieves out there, you know who you are, chilling on your mountain of heisted Bics, without a care in the world, while your brethren are reduced to bumming for spare fire. No one is more due for a […]
I imagine that there is a 19-year old reading this blog who only knows Redman and Method Man from their How High shenanigans. This mix is for you. Mister Cee dropping some old-head knowledge in the form of  a 60-plus minute mix of the best of the best of Johnny Blaze and the Funk Docta […]
Redman is Rioting December 3, 2012
A few days on late on this, because for my own sanity, I was on sabbatical from watching Reggie Noble videos. There is nothing sadder than watching one of your favorites fall off. In fact, this is the topic from a podcast I’m about to tape right now (should you have any thoughts on this […]
Jonah Bromwich only proposed once to a girl at the mall. She said “probably.” Watch the Throne has come and gone and viewpoints have vacillated wildly. But from my original, hyperbolic, disgusted reaction to the more moderate viewpoint I hold now, one opinion has not changed a bit. These beats are pretty goddamn good. Yes, […]
The Firework Docta Spock covering the Gray Lady. It’s for his thoughts on Roman Candle consumption, but smoke something for small victories. Happy 4th of July to all the chickenheads, buddah lovers, and everyone in between. May it be funky and BBQ-filled. Download: ZIP: Redman – Funk From Hell Mixtape (Left-Click)
RedMan – Lookin’ Fly from DanTheMan on Vimeo. Whenever in doubt, the answer usually involves Redman in a tuxedo impersonating Michael Jackson. Sometimes, I wonder if there is an initiation fee to join Gilla House. If only my favorite weed dispensary hadn’t closed yesterday. As was once espoused on “Pick It Up,” “Fuck the government.” […]
Redman’s Funk From Hell January 8, 2010
Even the hard-core headbangers who have been down since it was “Time 4 Sum Aksion” will probably want to scoop this bootleg compilation of Redman rarities, B-Sides, and Freestyles. Reggie Noble on Ron G, Stretch Armstrong, and Tony Touch, teaming up with Def Squad, Das Efx, Meth, and Busta Rhymes, spitting over everything from “The […]
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