A look at the new album from the Colombian singer who has collaborated with BadBadNotGood, Dâm-FunK, Kaytranada and Tyler, the Creator.
Like Donald Trump, Lupe Fiasco's albums have been up-down-up. Doc Zeus examines the latest LP "Tetsuo & Youth" with discretion & wonder.
Peter Holslin needs a new pair of Sauconys I remember being at some guy’s house some time in the early ’00s. It was San Diego somewhere. It was around 9 o’clock at night, quiet, in a big house where loud music was bound to reverberate off the hardwood floors. I noticed a copy of Sleater-Kinney’s 1999 […]
>Harold Stallworth comes equipped for warfare. When Product of the 80s was released, its marquee contributor, Prodigy, was locked inside New York’s Mid-State Correctional Facility serving a three-year stretch for criminal gun possession. This was 2008, just six months after the release of the second installment of his H.N.I.C. franchise, which was prematurely billed as […]
Torii MacAdams is like Ol’ Blue Eyes, he does it his way Blue-eyed soul is, unfortunately, alive and well. It’s hard to Yah-Mo-Believe audiences who don’t drive pickup trucks are still clamoring for crooning Caucasians. Robin Thicke remains in the public eye despite both making shitty music and being a simpering misogynist idiot. The Internet’s […]
Will Schube can see through you like Skyy Vodka Blake Mills’ music hinges on restraint and precision. Mills is just about perfect at finding the elusive middle ground between these poles and striking for gold. His best tracks start slowly and simply, hinting at something grand and bombastic, and then pull the carpet out from […]
An in-depth review of the Def Jam debut from Long Beach rapper Vince Staples.