One day in the future, a group of flamingo-haired, brony-tailed, and #Aeropostalecore college kids will be sitting in a Versace lecture hall and taking notes on their iced out tablet devices about the singularly fascinating career of Jody Highroller. You cannot dismiss Riff Raff because he will continually move the polo goals further, more blindingly […]
Peter Holslin pulled up at the club in a helicopter The Egyptian street-rap movement known as “electro chaabi” took root in a Cairo suburb. But by now, it’s pretty much become a global phenomenon, with beat heads and sonic collectors from all over the world devouring the FruityLoops grooves and Auto-Tuned rhymes of DJ Figo, […]
Doc Zeus drinks super fruit smoothies out of Gucci blenders “Is this guy fucking serious?” Nearly every piece of substantial music journalism conducted around Riff Raff over the last few years seems to center around the earnestness of the Houston rapper’s basic existence. The slack-jawed perplexity surrounding Riff Raff’s rap career, from both journalists and […]
Riff Raff: How to Be the Man on Myspace. Brad Beatson is regretting his FUSE TV tattoo Jody Highroller was created for blockbuster summers, all-inclusive wristbands and member’s only production value. Mad Decent’s crystal ball predicted the “Fall of Franco” and the order of Spring Breakers 2, and here with the MySpace exclusive, “How to Be […]
Migos doing all the fun things in LA: skateboarding in a flood channel, going to Venice Beach and Staples Center, and hanging out with Riff Raff. Dismiss the goofiness all you want, you cannot dismiss the sage wisdom of dropping this on opening day of the NBA season. And also the inherent brilliance of putting […]
Brad Beatson works in a Versace cubicle. I’ve been chair dancing to this single for two straight hours at my cubicle. Maybe I’m the anomaly, but I think we’ve reached the vanishing where our collective ears would agree that music like this isn’t solely reserved for festival goers raging at sunrise. Here lies a remix […]
Max Bell is doing Jamaican dances. Sequels rarely live up to the original. For every Blues Brothers there’s a Blues Brothers 2000. You hope for the best yet end up disappointed, admiring the intent more than the product itself. Really, it’s a matter of capturing the spur of the moment, recording the perfect combination of […]
“Fresh as a synagogue.” JODY HiGHROLLER — the most influential punctuation potentate since ee cummings — reveals that his Versace perm game is superior to his Bar Mitzvah game. I imagine there aren’t too many going on in Houston, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some industrious Hebrew teen is planning a chopped and screwed […]
Sometimes Riff Raff’s lyrics remind me of an ether binge from Fear and Loathing, except rather than HST, we have Jamie Franko, a devotee of Versace, sushi and Pimp C. Lizards are everywhere and they’re tilted sideways and rocking designer fabrics. If Riff has not had a cameo on Loiter Squad, the universe remains imbalanced. […]