Steven Louis commemorates the life and career of the late Pittsburgh rapper/producer.
Rest In Peace, Tom Petty October 5, 2017
Alex Swhear remembers Tom Petty.
Racked Up Ready--also known as Young Ready--has reportedly been killed in Bogalusa, La. Paul Thompson pays tribute to a Louisiana legend.
In the wake of his murder, a look at the legacy, influence, and most important songs from Bay Area rap legend, The Jacka.
My dad’s favorite band was Cream. It wasn’t like he ever showed it. There were no Cream records or cassettes in the house. He never searched for them on K-LOS, the classic rock station that played ‘White Room” every three hours on the hour. But every time I ever asked him about the favorite bands […]
R.I.P John Holt October 20, 2014
We pay tribute to reggae legend John Holt
I’m not sure how you get to sing like Junior Murvin. He wasn’t quite clear either. When he was asked about it, he replied, I have a “real-setto”, not false. Anything false can not come from your body. So I correct that: it is a “real-setto”! I’m a disciplined singer.  I do things that are […]
Lou Reed, Electric Corpse October 28, 2013
Jonah will be spelling his last name Brom Witch for only three more days. Most poetry runs the risk of being precious. The threat is even worse when set to music. Bruce Springsteen, the patron saint of New Jersey, is the prime example, but even Dylan drifts into that territory. There are only two iconic […]
To the average music fan under 40, George Duke might have been a footnote. He was the guy who made “Seeing You” that was sampled by Big K.R.I.T. (“Yesterday”) and Hiero (“You Never Knew.“) Or maybe you know him as the inspiration for Thudercat’s cover of “For Love (I Come Your Friend.”). The latter cut […]
Joshua Lerner is pouring out some Johnny Walker Blue. Upon the passing of some semi-forgotten musical legend, biographers and hagiographers alike will strive for a modern angle as they pen their too-short obituaries. How is the music relevant today? Which modern artists were influenced? If the deceased did not already belong to a well-known musical […]