Jayson Buford speaks with the Columbus-based veteran producer about his time on Definitive Jux, being kind of annoyed by his Mad Men theme, and his new record The Fun Ones
If you’re not a fan of the Ravens or Curren$y, then I’m sure Sunday was a bit of a disappointment (I fall in with the Jet set). There was the game delay, a half-hearted Beyonce/Destiny’s Child performance, and a batch of hardly funny or persuasive commercials. But one commercial made me pay attention—the BlackBerry commercial. […]
Judging from the lone interview I conducted with him in the wake of the mostly panned The Third Hand, RJD2 is largely unconcerned with extra-musical concerns. Like his spiritual predecessor, DJ Shadow, he’s displayed an independent streak and desire to cultivate a low profile — releasing music independently and eschewing any desire to regain buzz […]
RJD2’s Return To Normalcy November 24, 2009
It’s hard not to read into the cover of the Tin Foil Hat EP– a mug shot with a serial number dangling around Ramble John Krohn’s neck– putative punishment for daring to take creative leaps off faulty footing. The Internet might be unparalleled for allowing artists to self-promote, but its punishing velocity leads to a […]
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