Deen was born in a palace. Just as I was lamenting the absence of anything new and awesome I felt like writing about, my favorite bright-skin rapper decided to drop a collaboration with the Rap Game Underutilized New Mason Betha. Or in other words, Robb Banks just dropped a song with Sir Michael Rocks. And […]
With Deen on-board, Passion of the Weiss will stomp out Richard E. Gordon for Best Webmaster. Decent humans would call these “honorable mentions.” But I’m neither human nor decent. I don’t believe in labels – when applied to me, myself, I and personally. They definitely work for everybody and everything else though. Not that I […]
By Deen
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It took every ounce of restraint for Deen not to make an “It Wasn’t Me” joke. I’ll probably go into this at a later date, but a shockingly large amount of my favorite rap in 2012 has come from beige-colored rappers. I know, disappointing. I’m becoming more tolerant in my old age. I suppose the […]