Torii MacAdams does the Shmoney dance with dual iPads Walt Whitman wrote “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes.)” Kevin Gates, too, contains multitudes, though admittedly many of his internal legion just want to punch you in the nose. The world’s foremost jailhouse behavioral therapist is […]
Torii MacAdams is chillin with his man Rusty In seventh grade, all my friends played the Fainting Game. The preferred method was to hyperventilate with back to wall, then have a friend compress one’s chest, inducing a heady, oxygen-deprived euphoria. I never liked it; the brief asphyxiation was too close a cousin to Death for […]
Danny Brown is a lyrical rapper who stays paid. Lyrics can, in fact, lead to paying 100 racks in taxes a year. Danny parties like a Roman senator, but refuses to dumb it down like an American senator. He has stayed hungry and rowdy. See also: this new video from “Attak,” which I already hailed before. […]
Danny Brown is probably the only rapper who sounds right over these type of intergalactic trap seizure beats. America might not have understood Dizzee Rascal, but they are ready for Danny Brown — at least if I am to believe the pandemonium at every festival he plays. The track taken from Rustie’s new album. Glasgow […]
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There’s a thin line between happy and hardcore. Go too far in one direction and you lose bounce. Go too far in the other and you lose brain cells. Judging from Rustie’s new track “Slasherr,” we are but a few mollies away from ushering in a Happy Hardcore revival, in which large groups of adolescents […]
Rustie – Ultra Thizz September 8, 2011
Dear Future employers: Sach O disavows all drug references in this post. Sometimes, I think Hyphy was rap’s last, best hope for escaping the well-worn genre cliches it’s been wallowing in for the last forever. Say what you will about the random slang, goofy clothes and ecstasy: the records were fun and there was a […]
Rustie Never Sleeps November 30, 2009
Scottish bred bass music prodigy Rustie may or may not sleep. After all, when I was 21, I could subsist on a Lamar Odom diet of skittles and sour patch kids, three hours of sleep, and a half pack of Parliaments. But Rustie may or may not be 21. According to his bio, “Rustie is […]