Drew Millard takes an honest look at the Banks and Steelz album by breaking down its merits in list form.
Evan Nabavian invented grape Kool-Aid. The other day my boss said something like, “Let’s review your report tomorrow?” “Bong bong,” I said. A pause. “Indeed.” Read any RZA interview in the past ten years and you’ll get the “Wu-Tang Forever” spiel about the influence of the Wu in the world today. Drake echoed those sentiments […]
There’s something baffling about “Take a Fall for Me,” namely that James Blake probably hasn’t listened to a RZA solo album ever. If he had, I imagine that he would’ve realized that aiming for the 2013 “Love Jones” was the wise move. On the bright side, none of us ever expected RZA to rhyme “tight […]
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Judging from the fan-boy murderer’s row of selections on the Iron Fists soundtrack, my guess is that Bobby Digital has allowed Quentin T. to make his own list of dream collaborations. Or they have a very gifted 30-year old music supervisor who understands that not only were Freddie Gibbs and Meth supposed to rap together, […]
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Max Bell wrote this on a self-destructing memo. RZA is Sergio Leone. And the son of Big Baby Jesus, Boy Jones, has been cast as the man with no name. There is a blue sky with eyes that see ‘the pussiness in all the tender loving business guys’ in the rap game set against red […]
Chris Daly rents the Digi-Mobile when he’s on vacation. The real question isn’t “Did RZA actually make a kung fu movie starring himself, Lucy Liu and a pudgier than normal Russell Crowe?” The real question is “How did it take this long for the RZA to make a kung-fu movie?,” followed closely by “Why am […]
Red Bull and RZA August 5, 2010
Though Digi Snax no longer occupies any space in both my mental and computer memory, I could listen to the RZA spout wisdom all day long. VH1, where is his story tellers? Kanye was inspired by Wu-Tang and as we all know, Wu-Tang is forever. I surmise that the Splash Festival is a fete to […]
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