The Many Versions of Shigeto September 20, 2019
Chris Daly goes in on the new EP from the Ghostly International stalwart.
Chris Daly explores the new EP from the Ghostly International stalwart.
Chris Daly takes a look at the new LP from Michigan beatsmith Shigeto.
POTW premieres the first track from ZelooperZ's collaboration with Shigeto, ZGTO.
The Michigan man with an L.A. bent delivers new EP 'Intermission' through Ghostly International.
Chris Daly stared at this cover for several hours prior to writing. Few young dance producers have seen as much artistic growth as Shigeto. From the ethereal float of “What We Held On To” to the astro-beats of “Full Circle,” the confessional dreaminess of “Lineage” to the production creativity of “BEATS 4 DILLA,” Zach Saginaw […]
Chris Daly’s lost blog posts: coming soon. Remember that one time you left your favorite baseball cap in the back of that taxi? You were pissed — particularly since you knww that damn cabbie was eyeing your fitted,snapback, or porkpie, the moment you stepped into his ride. Multiply that by a million, and you might […]
Chris Daly was high when he wrote this, so forgive him if it goes astray. Eight samurai and three people in suits with bicycles, one of which is a small child, interact on the porch of a pagoda. While you could be forgiven for thinking the previous sentence was either the set up for a […]
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