The Rap-Up returns with new shit from Yung Manny, Rucci and 1TAKEJAY, and more.
"I don’t look at my albums as production. That’s me trying to make a painting. It’s my heart."
Will Schube is filthy from the ground on up What temperature is required for a guitar to melt? If not explicitly, Shlohmo—the alias under which Henry Laufer records and performs—lets this question bubble beneath the surface of his latest track, “Buried”. Landing somewhere between a Delicate Steve riff and a warped sample, the guitar on […]
Peter Holslin got lost on the way  It’d be interesting to get a peek inside Shlohmo’s electronic setup and see precisely what kinds of horrible things he does to the sounds he’s working with. Are the L.A. beatmaker’s knobs all twisted, levels screaming in the red? When he uses distortion, does he settle for no […]
If Jordan Pedersen said some of the things Jeremih says, he’d be rightly tased. There’s virtue in saying no. We’ve all got that one friend who says yes to everything and never shows up to anything. “Yeah I’ll see if I can stop by,” the noncommittal text, the “Maybe” RSVP on Facebook. At the risk of sounding […]
Jordan Pedersen once played guitar on a cover of “You’re So Vain” for a cute girl’s vocal recital. In which Jillian Banks plays alt scene Freddie Gibbs, calling out a fake thug for “wearing what you think is hard.” The LA weird R&B diva has a knack for the casually devastating: “everything’s a game/always trying […]
Dunno if they’re paying Yung Shlohmo in pints of Promethazine for these remixes, but this is the ideal complement to the 45s at 33 RPM mix posted earlier this afternoon. The usual opiate silver haze to put on when you want to dream about doing drugs with Vikings. The vocals are sliced so that the […]
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Shlohmo remixes “Avalanche,” complete with requisite falling debris, pianos that feel like they’re pressed on your spine, and the watery percussion that feels like a rip tide taking you down. Gravity is the operative agent. If you seek the mixed metaphors, this is some graveyard, smoked out and staring at the smog music. Use this […]
Shlohmo murking Electric Guest’s happy-go-luck Morning Becomes Eclectic pop into something sinister that you need to go and ask your minister about — or your Rabbi. Slinking beats dragged through the dirt, knuckles up, opiate coma music to ride on vogues or vogue to. Very slowly. The song is called “The Bait.” Here it is, […]
Shlohmo remixes Young Scooter so “Colombia” can rock parties at Columbia. Makes sense, I think. This works the way that El-P and Jeezy and Flying Lotus and Gucci Mane did, even though the idea seemed off in theory. Shlohmo buries Scooter’s voice so it sounds like a sinister echo, babbling about bricks and selling cocaine […]