Colin Gannon goes in on the D.C. rapper's newest release.
Frenchie & Glizzy roam the desert to find themselves, coming to IMAX 3D this fall.
It’s hard not to like Shy Glizzy. Within a minute and a half of the first song on Laws 3, he rhymes Lil Boosie with Karrueche. He rocks the Doc Sportello sideburns with aplomb and he basically sustains a certain menace despite possessing what Naya Rivera would scoff at as: the Big Sean physique. But […]
One of the more preposterous arguments in favor of Kendrick’s “i,” was that the notion of self-love was inherently radical. And by definition of hating it, you were somehow against a positive affirmation of self and not a corny and cynical Grammy and licensing grab to out-Mackle Macklemore. As though self-esteem and motivation hasn’t been […]
Shy Glizzy, Young Jefe February 18, 2014
Harold Stallworth’s pen name is Don Cartagena. At some point throughout their career, every rapper worth their salt cultivates a latin-tinged pseudonym: Escobar, Hovito, Champagne Papi. It’s a storied tradition. Shy Glizzy, arguably the most promising young talent Washington D.C.’s rap scene has to offer, becomes the latest to throw his hat into the ring […]
Harold Stallworth admires Shy Glizzy’s beard. Earlier this summer, despite a sweltering 97-degree forecast, hundreds of teenagers convened on the 200th block of 37th Street—just two miles east of the Redskins’ old stomping grounds, RFK Stadium—in honor of Shy Glizzy’s 2nd annual Glizzy Day. The term Glizzy is as malleable as a damp pretzel. It […]
Jimmy Ness is shouting Free Boosie. It’s cool to be weird in 2013. Danny Brown is Yakuza dope boy chic, Future’s an astronaut, Lil Wayne wears leopard print jeggings and Lil B’s cat has recorded more songs than you. Nostalgic fans see the ‘90s as the zenith of rap and I’m not inclined to argue, […]