Max Bell roundly rejected prior restraint. You never have to ask Devin the Dude if he’s trying to smoke. The only reason you ask is so you can hear him croon “Ooo yeah” like he suddenly abandoned rap and started singing the stoner blues. You never have to question whether the man can drop a […]
Deen would also like to extend a fuck you to Obasanjo. Has anyone else noticed that learning to like or at least learning to tolerate shitty rappers isn’t a phenomenon restricted to the “mainstream”? In other words, even less than popular rappers that you aren’t fond of can weasel their way into your listening rotation […]
By Deen
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Two words: egads. Harry Fraud figures out a way to make even Deen like 2Chainz. Schoolboy Q rhymes Monster Kody with Kony. Woop Woop ad-libs. Domo and Smoke DZA make the case that they are twins, separated at birth. After all, Harry Fraud did make “New York Minute” as did the Olsons. This song is […]
Evan Nabavian is old school when he rides. July 31, 2011. Children and maladroit college grads like me were blindsided by the arrival of summer’s halfway point. Working men and women trudged home through the unbearable heat while I sat in my room, where I had been sitting all day, all month, all summer, and […]
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The more DZA bites Slick Rick, the more I enjoy his music. After all, the ruler almost single-handedly invented swag. Harlem’s own should’ve been in
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The weed anthem never really abandoned us. Before Kush and Orange Juice, rap and marijuana went together like chronic and pineapple orange juice. But for the latter half of the 2000s, its importance was secondary to songs about what the Clipse claimed they weren’t part of: the cocaine rap genre. No one was fooled. The […]
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