Jordan Ryan Pedersen sheds a tear with O.V. Wright, one of soul's most underrated weepers.
We send off Percy Sledge with 20 southern-soul tearjerkers
Jordan Pedersen might call himself “ethnically southern.” Don’t get me wrong, Berry Gordy scared the Funk Brothers into being the best backing band in Motor City. James Brown fined his ensemble into perfection. But there’s nothing quite like the deep-fried crackle of the Muscle Shoals Rhythm section. Sometimes recording under the name the Swampers, keyboardist […]
You’d be hard-pressed to find an artist whose catalogue is as universally beloved as Marvin Gaye’s. From his immortal duets with Tammi Terrell, to the smooth, meditative song cycle of What’s Going On, to his arsenal of beloved slow jams, Marvin’s tunes are more than pop music – they’re an indelible part of our culture. […]
El-P aptly summed up the experience of listening to the new old Nina Simone song by writing: Nina Simone was the best ever of all-time in the universe. When science catches up the incalculable sorrow of her songs, it will verify that assertion. “The Time is Now” leaked over the weekend, thanks to Simone’s estate […]
If you’re not a fan of the Ravens or Curren$y, then I’m sure Sunday was a bit of a disappointment (I fall in with the Jet set). There was the game delay, a half-hearted Beyonce/Destiny’s Child performance, and a batch of hardly funny or persuasive commercials. But one commercial made me pay attention—the BlackBerry commercial. […]
Drowsing through a sleepy Sunday with soul music and stumbled on this cover of “Hang On Sloopy”– rendered by the great Stax man, David Porter. Fun fact: this song is the official song of the state of Ohio and Ohio State University. But it’s so good that even fans of Michigan will approve. Download: MP3: […]
The Sunday ritual inevitably includes soul and strong coffee, sometimes stronger smoke. Before the total haze envelops me, there’s Alice Russell, whose cover of “I’ll Keep My Light in My Window” is one of my favorite songs of this year — ideal for indoor and overcast days or for laze Sunday sun-stunned drives. Taken from […]
I’d offer a late pass, but I don’t think it needs to be invoked when most of the music compiled is three decades old. House Shoes, ambassador of all things Detroit, drops a mix full of Motor City soul legend Dennis Coffey. A MoTown session man extraordinaire, the tape blends original material and the rap […]