To celebrate the Raider Klan innovator's newest release, Lucas Foster has done some investigative journalism.
In which the great recluse Spaceghostpurrp emerges from seclusion to slide a banger to AJ Suede.
There’s nothing fancy about this Southern Gatorz tape that leaked to little attention last month, save for a shout out from the omniscient Steady Bloggin. Good old fashioned country rap slabs and adamantine trap jams. At a time when trap is the hot new EDM buzzword, this tape is a reminder that there are plenty […]
This is a song called “Kush Cloud” by Freddie Gibbs, Krayzie Bone, and Spaceghost Purrp. There are allusions to “Mo Murda,” “Look Into My Eyes,” and “Thug Luv.” If you’ll excuse me I’m going to get high at 10:21 in the morning,  load this on my iPod, and play this 666 times throughout the remainder […]
It took every ounce of restraint for Deen not to make an “It Wasn’t Me” joke. I’ll probably go into this at a later date, but a shockingly large amount of my favorite rap in 2012 has come from beige-colored rappers. I know, disappointing. I’m becoming more tolerant in my old age. I suppose the […]
Son Raw is trippin off that lean…because he has the flu. Admittedly, I’m in the perfect state for Spaceghostpurrp’s music: fucked up, groggy and more than a little medicated. Unlike some other records I’ve been listening to for the past 24 hours however, I have no doubt that Lustful 97 will stand up to sober […]
4AD signs SpaceGhostPurrp and just think of the potential for corporate synergy. Deerhunter and the Raider Klan collaborating for “Suck a Dick for 2013.” The God of Black and Ariel Pink coming together for God of Pink, with all your favorite jams like “Leanin’ Round and Round.”  If we can get a Zomby and Spaceghost […]
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The return of Spaceghost Purrp, the vowel-averse Memphis vampire, who makes music to commit murders while watching ghost trains whistle by.  According to my iTunes, his latest freeEP is called /SPVCXGHZTPVRRP Presents: GXX XX BXXXX EP Vol. 1. We’ll just call it God of Black. This is something like a devil worshipping doppelganger to that […]
If rappers are going to mine Atliens for inspiration, it seems only right that someone else strike the main mid-90s vein that is Mystic Stylez. A$AP Crew could use their own Gangsta Boo, but couldn’t we all. There was no other way to ride out the year than bumping “Suck a Dick for 2011.” I […]
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