Son Raw’s continuing look at the instrumental Grime scene. Ya ‘dun know. Part 1 here.  15 – Bloom Bloom fucked with everyone’s head in 2K12 and kept the madness rolling this year with choice remixes and a release on Visionist’s Lost Codes label. His music wasn’t pretty but it damn sure was effective thanks to […]
Son Raw wrote up this damn list himself. Duh ha, duh ha, you never thought that this weird instrumental Grime music I started writing about in 2010 would take it this far! And to be honest, neither did I: 2013 was an outstanding year for Grime and Grime-related music, so much so that it’s been […]
The Top 50 Rap Songs of 2013 December 24, 2013
Even the Wet Bandits agree with this list. Do as they say, not as they do. Wealth was attempted to be spread, so as this subjective litany isn’t identical to the Best Album list. There is no Drake because the executive board of this website has a long-standing grudge with his family dating back to […]
50. Camp Lo – 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s Part II [Self-Released] Retaining the same style and artistic narrative for 17-odd years is either maniacally stubborn or an extraordinary feat of consistency.  In the case of Camp Lo, one of rap music’s longest-tenured novelty acts, the devil lies in the quality of their production. When equipped with […]
Haikus by Passion of the Weiss staff. Sorry/Not sorry. No one gives a fuck about songwriting at all anymore, that right? Animal Collective — Centipede HZ Avant guardians? Or a bunch of man-children Scribbling on samplers? Sung Tongs was the one Great album recorded by These dudes, give it up
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The Top 50 Albums of 2012 December 24, 2012
On a Previous Episode of the Passion of the Weiss: The Top 50 Albums of: 2011; 2010; 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 50. House Shoes – Let it Go [Tres] No best album list is complete without something from Detroit. Nowhere else is as no frills and unvarnished. It operates as a palate cleanser to remind […]
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Now with ZIP File.  Download: Passion of the Weiss Top 50 Hip Hop Songs, 2012: Part II (#50-26) (Left-Click) Passion of the Weiss Top 50 Hip Hop Songs, 2012: Part I (#25-1 ) (Left-Click) Previously: Passion of the Weiss Top Hip Hop Songs — 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 Novelty Bonus – “Hot Cheetos […]
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Fuck Hotness. It’s a stupid arbitrary idea and worse adjective—a word best left to Paris Hilton, Al Roker, and Mims. It is the province of US Weekly and planned obsolescence, of web 1.0 ephemera and South Korean boy bands. But hip-hop has the word “hip” in it. So hotness has been paramount since “swag” was […]
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Like we always do about this time. See Also: Passion of the Weiss Top 50 Albums: 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 50. Ty Segall – Goodbye Bread [Drag City] The sun rises slowly and when it hits Ty Segall’s window, he imitates its motion and before he gets out of bed, he stretches and unleashes […]
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Everything the White Girl Mob learned, they learned from the above commercial. This is no time for circumlocution.  There are songs to argue about. Everything is explained below. Some guys got it, some guys don’t. ZIP: V/A – The Passion of the Weiss Top 50 Songs (Left Click) Alt Link: V/A – Passion of the […]
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