Sun-Ui Yum writes a few words on the new collaboration between the two Tennessee titans.
The duo links up for a cut from Scotty's 'Smoking On My Own Strain.'
Evan Nabavian only drives drunk on Wednesdays. On “The D.U.I. Song” Starlito narrates a night that begins with a few beers and ends wrapped around a telephone pole. He makes the Saved by the Bell reference before you can, and the characters, plot, and setting reveal a deft storyteller with a firm grasp of narrative. Starlito […]
If you can watch this video and don’t get shook, then I feel sorry for you. Shit like this is why I loved rap music in the first place. It reminds me of the first time I heard the Menace II Society soundtrack with “Str8 Up Menace,” “Trigga Gots No Heart,” and “Pocket Full of […]
Bodega rap from the dirty. Gates links up with the Cashville All Star for this cut from Stranger Than Fiction. Video looks like it was coated in the appropriate layer of decay, filth, and red solo cups. Croaking world-weary rap is always the best rap.
While admittedly leaning for most of these questions and answers, Starlito never lacked for words or charisma. He spoke like he raps: honest and effective. Sometimes clouded and complex, talking circular and not necessarily in succession of thought. We met in studios and a restaurant over the course of three days during A3C in Atlanta […]
Evan Nabavian prefers Ibuprofen to Tylenol. Starlito is amazing. The perennially overlooked Nashville rapper has songs that make your soul itch, he can melt a Lex Luger beat better than anyone, and he made a mixtape referencing Step Brothers. And in all cases, he’s a virtuoso. Starlito always sounds like he just crawled out of […]
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Aaron Matthews gets seven snuffleupagus. All-Star started his rap career with a largely fruitless run at Cash Money, with a genuine hit that was never capitalized on. The Nashville rapper, rechristened Starlito has kept his buzz going with a ridiculously prolific run of mixtapes, culminating in this record: a concise collaborative album with DJ Burn […]
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