An Early Years Anthology to the Fresh & Only's, the best SF band still standing.
Douglas Martin’s favorite slow dance is the Southern minuet. You better ask somebody. Though perhaps not long and slow, the career of the Fresh & Onlys up to this point has certainly been a dance. It started off in whirlwind fashion, not even half a decade ago, with the rapid-fire release of both their self-titled […]
Jonah Bromwich is wild like rock stars who smash guitars. Sequencing and song titles. Admittedly, these are two silly things to start to illustrate why the new San Francisco compilation In A Cloud II is so great, but sometimes it’s worthwhile to start with the peripheral issues. The album begins Ty Segall’s “Swag.” Aside from […]
Douglas Martin is the Ken Griffey Jr. of indie-rock writers. Sometime last year, I read a live review that unfavorably compared The Fresh & Onlys to Wavves. I like Wavves and all (despite releasing one of the most overrated punk records of 2010), but I scoffed upon reading the comparison. Apart from sharing a governor […]
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Douglas Martin was cut from the lineup of Hullabalooza at the 11th hour and was swiftly replaced by Peter Frampton, who stole his “inflatable pig” idea. I’m not sure how the The Fresh & Onlys aren’t at least Internet famous. Despite being the most remarkably consistent band in the hyper-prolific San Francisco garage scene (even […]
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