Fresh from a 13-month hiatus, the Low End Theory podcast returns.
Aaron Frank’s fist to your face is Folger’s Of course, it’s way too early to already be discussing next year’s Coachella. But it’s worth noting that the Gaslamp Killer made a recent appearance on Gilles Peterson’s BBC radio show, and along with a tremendous new mix, the LA-based DJ and producer also revealed himself to […]
Peter Holslin pledges his allegiance to Mega Penguin New Jersey has Bigfoot. Scotland has the Loch Ness Monster. And San Diego has Dirty Drums. A mysterious drumming crew led by a producer who goes by the name “MRR,” Dirty Drums enjoys a mythical status among San Diego’s hip-hop heads and beatmakers. Their members have collaborated […]
Peter Holslin spent New Year’s on Nibiru Homeopathic practitioners tend to make shitty DJs. Yoga, acupuncture, deep-tissue massage—that’s all good stuff for the body. But what about the music, man? Unless it’s run by a Burner with a record collection, a place of holistic healing is likely to be filled with ambient schmaltz. Think MIDI […]
Dial 7-7-7 “Hit & Run” December 11, 2013
Max Bell holds the weight of 1.2 synagogues. Hit + Run run the live screen printing game, which is probably a game you don’t think about very often. However, they are the best at it and unlike Khaled, their success doesn’t make them suffer.  They ardently support of music they bump and believe in. especially […]
If you want a 23-minute astral, creaking, fleet-fingered, set-the-controls-on-stun stick-up of psychedelic soul jazz, this is the best place to find it on the Internet today. Gaslamp Killer cutting up some of The Heliocentrics best tracks, plus some of the seeds of their inspiration. If you missed it, Nate Patrin dropped an excellent review of […]
There is a lot of snow, there is a lot of ritual ceremony, there is a lot of Gonjsufi’s voice stabbing in the background. I am not sure exactly sure what is happening in the video for the The Gaslamp Killer’s “In the Dark,” but judging from the song title, I assume that is the […]
Rap game flooded with a deluge of “5 AM in Toronto” freestyles. Exercise some creativity. Pick up your pickaxe. Dig up some dirt. Ring Zilla Rocca, throwing right hand hooks like Rocky, the real Rocky, over Gaslamp Killer and Adrian Younge’s Veteran’s Day distortion. A few people didn’t get GLK’s last record. A comment section […]
I co-host a podcast with this fellow (oh judontknow), so I am absolving myself of all critical objectivity. This is the new single, “Up in the Air” from Nocando’s forthcoming Jimmy the Burnout.  I don’t watch George Clooney movies so I have no clue about its veracity. I dig the song though. In other Low […]
Photo via LA Weekly The Essential Mix is both challenge and a rite of passage. You get two hours to summarize your entire style, selecting songs that have influenced the entirety of your musical career. There are a bunch of routes to take. You can lean heavily on your our own music, stay current and […]