Dan Adu-Gyamfi ([email protected]) has no Twitter for security purposes. The Grammys are the theoretically the most prestigious award a musician can win. The only problem is that everyone knows the the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences consistently fail to rightfully determine which artists make the best music — especially in rap. All genres […]
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Deen has a boxed set of In the House. So yeah, I’m one of those fake cool types that “doesn’t watch” the Grammys, because “they always get it wrong.” I still pay attention to the main/rap categories, because I’m a glutton for pop culture and music, but I definitely enjoy chuckling at folks that trip […]
By Deen
Doc Zeus sees your cliche about complaining about the Grammy’s and raises you some arsenic. The Grammy’s are one of the universe’s central mysteries.  From 54 years of experience, we know that the Gramophone Awards don’t actually reward anything approaching excellence, merit or achievement in the music industry. At best, they reward a toxic combination […]
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