The group’s excellent new album makes a strong case that the time has finally arrived for the brotherly duo to break out.
Music should be timeless, but the music business is about timing. When the Knux dropped in ’08, being a “weird rapper” was considered unmarketable. 50 Cent was still T-Rex rampaging through the halls of Interscope and no one there knew what to do with the Knux or Freddie Gibbs, who ostensibly occupied two different ends […]
The Knux Toke Up August 2, 2012
The apology before the mayhem. The Knux toke up with few sympathies for the sober. Another spatially disorienting psychedelic banger from the brothers Lindsey, leading up to the imminent release of their KTWN EP (see also: last week’s “Animal“). 2/2 if you’re keeping track. Found footage of the head Wailer, Hendrix, and Vietnam soldiers smoking […]
In my five years as a pro word whore, The Knux rank among the most naturally gifted musicians I’ve ever seen. Before anyone had heard of them, they had management deals with Matthew Knowles and then Paul Rosenberg. They played multiple instruments, made beats that fused psychedelic rock, New Wave and boom-bap, and rapped well. […]
Like their label mate Yelawolf, the Knux are classic rockers concealed as rappers. Many of their peers squander afternoons Ustreaming or scheming new combinations of “swag + random verb,” while the brothers from New Orleans post videos of Neil Young soundtracks for Jim Jarmusch flicks. They also have been known to inhale the great green […]
The Knux LIVE – Spaceland (Part 2) from Brilliant Comrades on Vimeo. In Part II, the Knux talk about the hipster rap labels they were saddled with in ’07, the arbitrary nature of genre in relation to hip-hop, and perform “Cappuccino” and “Bang Bang.” Expect a new single sometime soon, barring a new Interscope mandate […]
The Knux LIVE – Spaceland (Part 1) from Brilliant Comrades on Vimeo. Though they’re currently on-tour exploring the native flora, fauna, and fungi of Australia, about two months ago, the Knux were at Spaceland for the inaugural Passion of the Weiss show. As promised last week, here is the first of two installments of their […]
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The Knux – Live at Spaceland, Los Angeles (Official Trailer) HD from Brilliant Comrades on Vimeo. I’m not one for trailers, but since this is the promo for the first Passion of the Weiss Presents show, an exception will be made. The first of the two part series will drop early next week. Nocando and […]
I’m a sucker for free things. Take me to Costco and chances are I’ll amble the aisles for hours inhaling cheese cubes, downing shots of bourbon I can’t afford, and stealing lawn chairs when dull-eyed employees have their back turned. Perhaps you too like free things. If so, this is an epiphany worthy of Frito’s […]
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The polarization between rappers and rock groups has always bothered me. Granted, one can interpret it as a wise conclusion gleaned from the Durst era, but I suspect otherwise. The last few years have seen arbitrary barriers between genres collapse, with hip-hop producers swiping samples from MGMT, Vampire Weekend, and Radiohead, Dame Dash and The […]
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