How the latest release from the future Dallas rap legends came to be.
Sam Ribakoff talks with The Outfit, TX, who just released the excellent "Down By The Trinity. "
If they ain't better than Sauce Twinz, they're the closest ones.
The Outfit TX premiere the first track off their forthcoming Deep Ellum, Dallas Rap compilation.
Texas '15: Maxo Kream, Rob Gullatte and The Outfit, TX are the rightful representatives, giving new meaning to the name Space City.
Max Bell is a Ray Bradbury guy.  At this point, my writing about The Outfit, TX is unofficially part of my job at PassionWeiss. I continue because someone must. Apart from Rob Gullatte, few in Houston have as much talent and potential. (If I’m missing someone, alert me in the comments section — that’s why it’s […]
Max Bell rolls them Rolls.  If you listen to Texas rap, you’d be forgiven for thinking all similes and metaphors devoted to syrup slathered slabs had been exhausted. The abundance of references to dripping jheri curls, ice cream, etc. will inevitably dull the gleam of the proverbial paint job for some. Yet, once again, The Outfit, […]
Max Bell will be watching UGK videos during SXSW. The Outfit, TX are among the best rap groups the Lone Star state has to offer. You know the difference between shit and shine and yet, because the Gods must be crazy, the rest of the blogosphere doesn’t praise them highly enough. Then again, said blogosphere is […]
Max Bell will take potent potables for $200. The Outfit, TX is one of the best rap groups in Texas. Their 2012 debut, Starships & Rockets: Cooly Fooly Space Age Funk remains one of the most satisfying and fully realized rap albums from last year. It’s nostalgic, contemporary, and futuristic. It’s a regionally reverent re-invention […]