The Seattle Afro-Futurists talk to Aaron Frank before they drop their new album and head on tour with Sleater-Kinney
Brian Josephs prays to the Shmurda Hat. It’s his guardian angel. Here’s the thing about a lot of Afrofuturists: They don’t necessarily like the term. That’s partly because it simplifies the varying beliefs the artists under the label represent. Also, “labels”: Many Black artists have been paranoid of those. The term itself is a bit […]
Somebody, somewhere best beware of Jimmy Ness‘ crew. Do I sense a funk revival? “Trippy Mane” is the best recent ad-lib, TDE are the coolest black hippies around and Dam Funk has been making undeniable cosmic jams for years. Maybe we won’t be wearing flowery headscarves anytime soon, but these two Seattle ladies are definitely […]