A year after the release of last year's EP, Thundercat drops the gorgeous animated video for "Song for the Dead"
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Thundercat drops the video for "Them Changes." Enter the Samurais.
Thundercat's New EP 'The Beyond: Where The Giants Roam' is out now Brainfeeder. #ListenToMoreJazzFusion
Eric Thurm doesn’t know where the bathroom is. It’s taken Thundercat a while to release a video off Apocalypse. Fun and funky dance floor burner “Oh Sheit It’s X” seems like the obvious choice. But the man responsible for bringing back the space bass doesn’t roll like that. Instead, the first visual offering from Apocalypse […]
Evan Nabavian is the lizard king. Hiroshi Yamauchi stories are the best. When the late Nintendo boss couldn’t find his driver, he had one of the company’s engineers drive him to a meeting. On the way, the engineer spoke to fill the silence – the boss didn’t talk much. The engineer recalled seeing a man […]
As an Australian-based journalist, it’s a little rare to interview an American artist on the verge of an album release. But not as rare as it used to be: independent musicians now make the majority of their money touring, and that includes touring internationally. Sometimes the timing gets a little awkward. I caught up with […]
The photograph above was taken at Flying Lotus’ studio shortly after a jarring DMT trip on the morning of February 2nd, 2012. It was Groundhog’s Day and someone mistook Snarf for a groundhog and the next thing you know, this jam was recorded. It was epic and transcendent and the sounds of the Snarf are […]
Thundercat theoretically seems like the least likely suspect for Flying Lotus to produce pop records. The guy has Erykah Badu and any other number of equally gifted chanteuses in his iPhone, so why aim to top the Passion Pits of the world with the guy who occasionally slaps the bass for Suicidal Tendencies. The answer […]
Thundercat – $200 DB October 20, 2011
In which a Tribe Called Quest song is reverse engineered into the fusion jazz that originally comprises it’s DNA. I am tired and can’t place my finger on what cut this reminds me of exactly, but the Low End Theory is sounding a lot like The Low End Theory. Lotus on the beat, Thundercat on […]
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