Just once I would like Berlin to be the preferred European locale to signify continental luxury. That would definitely get Kendrick up on Resident Adviser. That said, videos set in Compton featuring LA Kings jerseys are always infallible. This is a fact. The best part of the “Backseat Freestyle” video is watching Sherane making it […]
Last week, I went to the VMAs for Spin. When you cover a spectacle of such grotesque neon magnitude, it forces you to grapple with the idea of stardom. Everyone on-stage is more famous than we can comprehend — they are the only thing that makes me believe Mitt Romney when he said that corporations […]
In which Ariel Pink re-enacts the Highland Park version of the Parker Posey episodes of Louie. Except with 80s childhood remembrance summoned not through musical signifiers but through the faded camcorder tint, flashing “Play” signs, Polaroids and sitcom credit shrugs. It is as cheesy, sincere, ironic, hilarious and great as all of Mature Themes. Let’s […]
File this video somewhere between The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Westside Story, A Clockwork Orange, the story of Hansel and Gretal and The Barber of Seville. Black Moth Super Rainbow living up to the bleakness and kaleidoscopic color of their name — as always. Too weird to live, too rare to let those haircuts persist. […]
Angel Haze is the new Rah Digga. She still needs an official non-Vivid Video name and an alias as cool as Dirty Harriet, but “New York ” is a really good start.
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Get More: www.mtvu.com There’s no Rosetta to decrypt the hieroglyphics of“ZZZ Top”, another byzantine banger from the man who stole his moniker from a Greek master of myth (No Homer). Figures. Aes Riddle teases clues six syllables at a time. The kid carving Zoso in his desk or trying to tag Zulu onto Chucks in […]
First things first: this ain’t for the faint of heart. Should you be squeamish and averse to blood, guns, poison, and tattoos, I advise you to steer clear. Couple this with Killer Mike’s “Big Beast” video and it can induce vomiting, epileptic fits, and fill up Angola prison for the next six months. Amigo the […]
Rap Frost Vs. Nixon: June 15, 2012
Most video interviews aren’t worth your time. You have turn off your music, get in stealth mode from your employer and most of the time it rarely amounts beyond a heap of cliches. Not this time. A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown interview each other and it yields one of the greatest exchanges of all-time. Danny […]
Let’s be honest with ourselves. At one time or another, we’ve all wanted a chain-smoking squirrel thug to help us egg stroller moms in Park Slope. After all, squirrels cannot be arrested and as Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers taught us, they make for intrepid explorers. Fuck a cartoon bear. They will only eat you […]
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Weed in wine glasses, Wonderlic references and squirt gun shootouts. Well played. The difference between BEeFF and their comic-minded peers is that the West LAians understand the difference between satire and irony. Maybe this is a college thing. Still, “Mute’ is the only banger this year that could inspire debates about fakeness and authenticity. Thankfully, […]
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