Young Shlohmo comes through stunning with the Burial meets Prince meets the last scene of your favorite sad film where the protagonist is stumbling in the rain and screaming “NOOOOO!!! BUT I LOVE YOU.” Or something similar. Or nothing similar. If you call this PBR&B you deserve to have a full can of cheap domestic […]
Vaguely generic but bludgeoning Baton Rouge rap that I am posting because it’s a Friday and everyone is wired or snowed in and there is a Max Minelli guest appearance. People have been comparing Kevin Gates to Lil Boosie lately and that feels like a false comparison only brought on by people knowing two rappers […]
Introducing After the Smoke February 6, 2013
After the Smoke may or may not be named after the Ghostface song, but they get extra credit just for hinting at the idea. Truthfully, the Tallahassee group don’t need any additional points. They’ve racked up almost a million views for the video above without a label, publicity campaign, or blog support. They’re also from […]
Almost a quarter century after their heyday, 2 Live Crew samples remain the best non-chemical party starters. File this track under: if you liked “Pop That” and “Bandz a Make Her Dance….” I like that Trina obviously recorded her verse before 2 Chainz was added to the song. I like idea of a strip club […]