Son Raw – with trepidation Zomby might just be the most idiosyncratic producer of his generation, and that includes the ghost of Burial, the paladinesque Mala and the mercurial Shackleton. Whether trolling his twitter followers, indulging in high art or chastising the world for not recognizing the brilliance of street music from Jungle to Trap, […]
In which Ariel Pink re-enacts the Highland Park version of the Parker Posey episodes of Louie. Except with 80s childhood remembrance summoned not through musical signifiers but through the faded camcorder tint, flashing “Play” signs, Polaroids and sitcom credit shrugs. It is as cheesy, sincere, ironic, hilarious and great as all of Mature Themes. Let’s […]
The Dreams of Ariel Pink July 10, 2012
Jonah Bromwich sang back-up vocals on Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” Uncredited. “Only In My Dreams” is gentler than gentle. It’s as if a really huge puffy cloud and a soft breeze mated and had a baby. All it makes I want to do is listen to it over and over again, preferably in a massive beanbag […]