The sales pitch reads: The Soft Machine meets Flying Lotus. And as far as billboards go, that’s one of those things that makes you willing to drive off the highway and purchase copious souvenir trinkets and dream catchers. But The Breathing Effect aren’t aiming towards ephemera. This is meditative and well-marinated, soulful jazz fusion in […]
Max Bell also endorses the Howie Mandel and Fred Savage vehicle, Little Monsters. Nocando has been riding the wave for a minute. Low End Theory remains popping and popular as ever (ask ¬†your local fire marshal). Hellfyre Club dropped one of last year’s best rappity-rap releases¬† (Dorner vs. Tookie) and will soon be headed to […]
Max Bell spent time among the wise, went through a garment renaissance. If you listen to ’90s hip-hop, you’ll know there’s no shortage of references to Nautica, the nautical-inspired clothing brand turned street-wear du jour for hustlers, thugs, and (I’m guessing) all Wu members pre-Wu-Wear. Biggie claimed he would put “mad slugs through your Nautica.’ […]
“Where’s the money? – ” German Nihilists & Nocando. Smashing CRT Monitors is the new smashing guitars. Shot and Directed by Los Hermanos Casey.