Posting this directly after the Yung Simmie post is extraordinary hypocrisy, but I relate to people whose tastes are schizophrenic. Ariel Pink teams up with Jorge Elbrecht to craft a swooning soft rock psychedelic catamaran ideal for the dog days of summer. This is probably why he includes the line “screw the pooch.” I think […]
I apologize for dropping this one on you with such short notice. But I will make amends by presenting a free show featuring Chicano Batman, an Ariel Pink DJ set, Open Mike Eagle, and Wild Pack of Canaries, who may or may not be a giant cage of birds that I will unleash at the […]
In which Ariel Pink re-enacts the Highland Park version of the Parker Posey episodes of Louie. Except with 80s childhood remembrance summoned not through musical signifiers but through the faded camcorder tint, flashing “Play” signs, Polaroids and sitcom credit shrugs. It is as cheesy, sincere, ironic, hilarious and great as all of Mature Themes. Let’s […]
Douglas Martin is loosely affiliated with the Kinski Assassins. Ask no more questions. I. PROLOGUE When we last left Ariel Rosenberg, he was laughing his way to the bank. After over a decade of being underrated, misunderstood, and sometimes downright loathed, he released 2010’s fascinatingly cracked Before Today and the world of indie music finally […]
The Dreams of Ariel Pink July 10, 2012
Jonah Bromwich sang back-up vocals on Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” Uncredited. “Only In My Dreams” is gentler than gentle. It’s as if a really huge puffy cloud and a soft breeze mated and had a baby. All it makes I want to do is listen to it over and over again, preferably in a massive beanbag […]