Evan Nabavian is everywhere like Soundview For all the characters we have in rap today, there are few street corner sages. $amhill raps about life in the Bronx as if from stone tablets. Relayed in a father’s baritone, his stories about wonder years in the projects take the shape of urban folklore. His erudite performance […]
The Molotov Cocktail-throwing, YC the Cynic returns with the video for “The Heaviest Cross.” Points allotted for mastery of the Tyler, the Creator psycho stare into the camera, the overturn of stuffed animals, general liveliness, and no overt crucifix imagery. A lesser talent would’ve just strung himself up on a pole and stared blankly while […]
A half decade ago, I would have offered to drive the getaway car for the chance to hear a Pete Rock produced tape of new Camp Lo songs. I was all in for the Lo revival of 2007 and then there were perplexing name changes, a solid but unmemorable mixtape of them rhyming over old […]