Meet Tao & Hicks, the Brooklyn duo reminiscent of a young Clipse.
Abe Beame would like to remind you to send your mailbag questions to [email protected] A very happy 36th birthday to Bed Stuy’s own, John David Jackson, better known to the world as Fabolous. You could be forgiven for not knowing Fab’s birthday prior to reading this post. For years, he’s existed as a primarily regional […]
The rapping over industry beats technique feels older than 2 Chainz, so credit Oscar O’ Malley for taking the approach of rhyming over beats you might have heard on a Clue tape, circa ’98. Then again, that statement is partially invalidated because Clue wasn’t exactly fucking with Aesop Rock. One of the best things about […]
Oscar O’ Malley’s instructions are clear: let this tap dance over you. Resist the instruction to categorize or scrutinize the symbols. Maybe he’s just trying to save us time; if you were conspiracy minded, you could probably search this video for hours for hallmarks of the Illuminati. There are old films of white-bearded Romans in […]