If they ain't better than Sauce Twinz, they're the closest ones.
The Outfit TX premiere the first track off their forthcoming Deep Ellum, Dallas Rap compilation.
Torii MacAdams recalls rappers before Romantic poets. When I think of Dallas, a city my father left for good at 18, I think of ranch-style homes lining wide avenues; the smell of early summer’s humidity and rain, a result of North Texas’ lightning-filled plains. I think of Big Tex, the Cotton Bowl, and my ruddy-faced uncle […]
Jonah Bromwich knows how to D-Town Boogie. There are cosmetic similarities between Outkast and the Dallas duo A.Dd+ but, as the latter’s excellent new mixtape DiveHiFlyLow: Every Man is King shows, A.Dd+ don’t need facile comparisons to bait new listeners. Within the span of two great projects, (their last one, When Pigs Fly, was one […]
Tosten Burks is lusher than you ever expect. It’s as easy to make fun of Black Milk for so much Dilla apery over the years as it is to tease anyone who is so directly a product of his or her influences. Joey Bada$$ isn’t just like a golden age five elements snob, he is […]
Blunts of that brown, cups of that loud. Tried and true mathematics. The Dallas boys continue their streak, aided by one of Atlanta’s best producers and herbal remedy roller. Co-opting that Do or Do “Po Pimp” flow and applied it to some curb-hitting funk. Fine with me. See also Max Bell’s previous write-up of this […]
The beat reminds me of Edan’s “I See Colours.” There are lyrical references to “Git Up, Get Out” and “Roc Boys,” and there is artwork of what I imagine is either the black King Lear or the guy from the artwork for “Mr. Wendel.”Arrested Development: we all made a huge mistake. Or did we?