Son Raw never saw so many people smiling because of music so pardon him if he gets a bit personal today. This is part show review, part confessional and mostly him just getting it all out on paper. We’ll return to your usual brand of snark and mockery ASAP. Full disclosure: had The Digital Mystikz […]
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Son Raw is rocking a Public Enemy shirt and outrunning the Terminator. Dubstep’s best producers now lord over the “genre” from above, releasing Earth shattering missives while lesser beatmakers resort to gnarly dance music for candy kids. Burial’s Kindred EP was this year’s emotional peak while Mala’s forthcoming Cuba Electronic promises to redefine swing and […]
Son Raw may break his no blunts before breakfast rule. Rough morning. What makes a musical genre? The typical answer would be a common set of musical signifiers and in a commercial sense, that description works quite well. If you’re selling a product, it helps if the customer gets what’s written on the tin. In […]