Frank N Beats Mix 007 December 16, 2014
 Aaron Frank is a hybrid Black Messiah/Black Hippy First off, I want to offer my sincerest apology for my recent absence. As it usually happens during the holidays, I’ve recently been faced with a torrential onslaught of bullshit, which includes several major personal and family matters. However, my brief respite from Passion of the Weiss […]
If Flying Lotus wanted to do a Rick Rubin and revive the 666-fighting spirit of Krayzie Bone, I would not be the only one celebrating like I had just won the rodeo. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are permanently underrated because they exist in no category and thus elicit few comparisons. As loved as it was, barbershop gospel […]
Frank N Beats Mix: 006 October 14, 2014
Aaron Frank prefers turning up to looking at pictures on the wall. As the state of the site has reflected, it’s been a stressful transition period for us here at Passion of the Weiss in recent weeks. Luckily, our patience and hard work has paid off, and together with his design team, Jeff has restructured a […]
Brian Josephs spent the weekend listening to Purple Haze on Lenox Ave. Doesn’t feel all that different. Here’s a bit of a life hack: There’s a chance you’ll come across some epiphanies gazing at subjects you actively or intentionally avoided. Like death — that thing you’re inching toward as you’re reading these words. It’s something […]
Chris Daly asks permission to come aboard, sir You don’t have to enjoy the mind expanding properties of shrubbery to enjoy the music of Flying Lotus or his rapping alter ego, Captain Murphy, but as this clip from Adult Swim proves, it certainly doesn’t hurt. Before the animated short even really begins, we see two […]
For the first time, all Low End Theory residents did an interview in the same room. It happens to be on the new episode of Shots Fired. Such things are made easier when your co-host is one of the five residents. If you’ve ever wondered the backstory behind one of the most influential music weeklies […]
On some “want my old shit, buy my old album,” Flying Lotus drops a 330 MB folder’s worth of outtakes, unreleased drafts, and sketches that have been collecting dust. This is a preemptive strike against those who figure to be baffled by his latest left turn. These are scraps, but they’re very welcomed, considering he’s […]
Jonah Bromwich, something something…Jets…fool. Let’s say you love music. All kinds of music. The Beatles, Radiohead, Dilla, Wu-Tang, Stereolab, Floyd, Flying Lotus. Real nerd shit, but it spans wide. Let’s say that you then start making music, in the mold of your influences. You have good taste, sure. But if you’re trying to follow the […]
Chris Daly wants to be Finn. If you’re looking for a show that somehow combines the wonder of navigating through the travails of tween-dom with evil snails, hipster bears and talking candy canes, Adventure Time clearly is for you. The criminally slept on show has been a favorite of mine since it started a couple […]