“My Sons” features a reinvigorated Kool Keith employing the term as a noun, verb, adjective and so forth
Harold Stallworth has never been nominated for a Grammy.
Harold Stallworth has a style for every bump in your face. There’s somber darkness, and then there’s unsettling darkness. For an artist like Curren$y, always malleable to his producers’ creative vision, it spells the difference between sounding like an enlightened stoner or a gumshoe detective. He generally traffics in the former, but his latest single, […]
Harold Stallworth respects his jaw. “Money and Violence,” a provocative new web series set in a tough Haitian enclave of New York City, is as addictive as it is unpolished. Much like amateur pornography, the show’s appeal lies in its abrasion, in its ability to present glaring flaws as charming novelties. It’s raw in the […]
Harold Stallworth is dancing reckless. At this point in my relatively young life, I always, without fail, find myself to be either the youngest or oldest person in every bar, every dance hall, every strip club I step foot inside—and with that comes a newfound appreciation for music that plays comfortably to both demographics without […]
Harold Stallworth occasionally writes under the pseudonym Ben Kingsley. Def Jam’s pussyfooted approach to Gunplay’s post-2011 career has been disappointing at best, negligent at worst. His bio page on the label’s official website has been dormant since last summer, and even fails to mention that he’s since changed his rap moniker to Don Logan, presumably […]
Harold Stallworth is stepping out the studebaker with Anita Baker. When you hear the phrase “keeping it gangsta’,” what immediately comes to mind? If your answer consists of eight letters — F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S — then this track just might not be your cup of tea. But the small but vocal minority of Agallah enthusiasts will rejoice […]
>Harold Stallworth comes equipped for warfare. When Product of the 80s was released, its marquee contributor, Prodigy, was locked inside New York’s Mid-State Correctional Facility serving a three-year stretch for criminal gun possession. This was 2008, just six months after the release of the second installment of his H.N.I.C. franchise, which was prematurely billed as […]