Son Raw is a gawd. No pastries required. Reconfiguration is the word to play in UK dance music right now. Long past a single-genre singularity and finally distancing themselves from the post-everything soup of “Bass Music” that characterized the Dubstep diaspora, today’s producers are combining Afro-Caribbean riddims with London darkness, Grime’s sparseness to bassweight and […]
Son Raw is the ghost of Garage’s future. I was going to tune in to Dusk and Blackdown’s monthly Rinse show live last Sunday, but good weather and a picnic opportunity got in the way. They’re English, I’m sure they’ll understand the appeal of an honest to goodness sunny day. Besides, this is the podcast […]
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Son Raw is dreader than dread. Of all of Keysound Records’ qualities, and there are many, perhaps the most notable is the label’s hunger for progression. While artists and labels on both sides of Dubstep’s noise/dance divide have responded to larger audiences by smoothing out their rough edges and generally becoming more accessible, the house […]