Kyle Ellison needs Cigarillos from the corner store. It’s sometimes hard to tell whether Atlanta’s latest crop of eccentrics are bored or exhilarated by rap. Half of the time it sounds as though the city’s young rappers might actually pass out from excitement, either buzzing off of some loopy synth beat or a lean-induced sugar […]
Kyle Ellison has an extensive knowledge of rap songs that feature violins.  It’s hard to ignore the underlying tragedy of a rapper whose best music was made in the ’90s releasing a project called Back to Basics. Generally, the explicit avowal of a return to form is a sign of creative bankruptcy. The artist has spent a few […]
Samiyam Wishes You Were Here October 28, 2013
Kyle Ellison rejected your invitation to play candy crush. “I’m just trying to show you where I’m coming from,” says Sam Baker of his new album, “I’m not about futuristic spaceship beats, just straight forward hip-hop.” It seems like Samiyam has been fighting this battle for years, watching as his head-nodding rap joints are filed […]