Will Schube takes a look at the early singles from Devonwho's forthcoming Luz.
Deantoni Parks warps and molds Beethoven for modern times on his Deanthoven EP.
Sam Ribakoff speaks with Cakedog about the dangers of appropriating footwork, creativity in Los Angeles, and making music for dancing.
Will Schube talks with Deantoni Parks about working with John Cale, sampling as a means of communication, and jam bands.
Dntel “Human Voice” September 25, 2014
Chris Daly is a New Jack Hustler Though most cats only only recognize James “Jimmy” Scott Tamborello as being one half of the Postal Service, most cats can be pretty ignorant. For those of us in the know, he more accurately should be described as a brilliant and accomplished electronic artist who has been operating […]
Jonah Bromwich hopes Neil Young will remember. ‘ Here are two jams from Surface to Air Missive.  Formerly of the one-man funk outfit Dream Love (and six other groups and projects before that), Floridian Taylor Ross is a multi-instrumentalist and Beat descendant. His songs with the new four-piece are ramshackle creations, vibrant and sprawling but […]
You know Chris Daly’s steez. Sure, stoned is the way of the walk, but for those too blunted to slip on kicks, L.A. beatsmith Ras_G has put together yet another lazily, laid back, bubbler of a track for your relaxed, listening pleasure. Taking equal inspiration from rubbery bass lines, inclement weather and what this listener […]
The Cyclist – Visions from Leaving Records on Vimeo. This is the first video from the Leaving Records/Stones Throw Dual Form compilation that I profiled in the LA Weekly last week, along with a look at label bossman, Matthewdavid. “Visions” might be my favorite track on the record, partially because it reminds me of Pantha […]