Harold Stallworth has flats in other continents. Mobb Deep’s brief tenure with hip-hop’s evil empire G-Unit Records had few salvageable moments. But such moments certainly did occur. I’d like to think of “Shark” as the belated fruit of 50 Cent’s puppeteering, a remnant from that steep trough in the duo’s corrugated career arc. The Alchemist-produced […]
Harold Stallworth will always roots for the villain. This year’s spring has been absurdly slow in arriving to Washington D.C., but better late than polar vortex. Bidding farewell to old man winter is a bittersweet occasion, seeing as how my dearest strains of music and fashion were born out of blistering winds and torrential snowfall. […]
Harold Stallworth is trapped in the ’90s You know what was way better back in the 90s? Grocery baggers. Today’s youth have absolutely no appreciation for geometry or material properties. If I had a dime for every time a teenager tried to stack beer atop my avocados, I’d be the wealthiest man this side of […]
Listening to the recently released Mobb Deep Infamous Sessions is sort of like finding a lost book of the Iliad. It’s a sacred blueprint for bludgeoning. Both of them are basically about violence and drugs/”pharmakon.” What the Mobb did in 95 was a gift to anyone whose head was haunted and dreamed of stabbing people’s […]
Deen’s first child will be conceived to an “Eye for an Eye.” Given the fuckshit that transpired between Hav and P a little while ago, most Mobb Deep diehards have been more than a little wary about any new output from the group. I think I speak for the entire Standom when I state that […]
By Deen
No matter how much of a music nerd you are, there are albums that you’ve inadvertently skipped. Whether it’s due to age, oversight, or just plain ignorance, even classics sometimes slip through the cracks. “The Corrections” is a recurring feature intended to remedy this oversight. The idea is simple: the Passion of the Weiss staff […]
Harold Stallworth never mixed vodka and milk. When Havoc and Prodigy first met one another in the halls of Manhattan’s esteemed High School of Art & Design, they probably never imagined one day entertaining a nationwide 20th anniversary tour. After all, by 1992 many of their biggest musical influences, like Run DMC and Jungle Brothers, […]
I ain’t gonna front: Prodigy lost me AGAIN for a minute.  “Again” because a lotta Mobb/Elementary P fans fanuted their way off the bandwagon after Jay-Z apparently eviscerated P on the Summer Jam screen (fickle twats), while the rest of us waited until P first refused, then forgot how to rhyme completely. I never really […]
By Deen