Dam-Funk Dropping Gems July 25, 2013
During R Kelly’s gospel-soul serenade at the Pitchfork Festival, he released doves, balloons, and a light show with colors yet to be captured by Crayola. It was obviously great and for unclear reasons, it reminded me of Dam-Funk. Not because their lives or music dovetail in any way, but via their approach to creation. It’s […]
Dam Funk, Levitation Guru April 16, 2013
There are far more than two kinds of Dam-Funk songs, but for the purposes of this post, let’s just say that there are two primary categories. There are the synth boogie self-help guides that consist of Dam crooning inspiration to get you through the dregs of your day. They are the sort of songs that […]
I have repeatedly warned myself not to let Passion of the Weiss turn into a Dam-Funk fansite, but Damon Riddick continues to ruin that pledge. I remember once watching a Behind the Scenes look at Seinfeld and Jerry and Larry David governed their show by only one principle: is this funny? If it was funny, […]
The above photo is an actual photo I got of Dam-Funk opening up for Shuggie Otis last Wednesday. No filter, no fade, just auroral rosy-fingered funk captured the golden halo above its head. At the risk of hyperbole (and I like to live dangerously), his music looks like this picture, reminiscent of some halcyon past […]