The Bourbomber re-envisions Mr. Jones' lackluster album by adding some loosies and rare cuts from the era
Zilla Rocca re-arranges albums the way God'(s son) intended. Here's his take on Nas's "Street's Disciple."
Snowmageddon 2015 didn’t blow up as expected. Brian Josephs is sad French Montana won’t be on the remix. The uncovered treasure that’s the Roman Coppola-directed “Too Many Rappers” video naturally comes with a sting. It’s clearly incomplete and coincidentally serves as a hard reminder of the unfortunate way the Beastie Boys went out: Accomplished, but […]
Frank N Beats Mix 007 December 16, 2014
 Aaron Frank is a hybrid Black Messiah/Black Hippy First off, I want to offer my sincerest apology for my recent absence. As it usually happens during the holidays, I’ve recently been faced with a torrential onslaught of bullshit, which includes several major personal and family matters. However, my brief respite from Passion of the Weiss […]
New dad Abe Beame gushes about his second favorite son Lil Herb
From the culturally bare streets of Leipzig, Germany, Eric Corson has had an unorthodox relationship with Nas' magnum opus.
Harold Stallworth love to hear the stories, again and again. Circa 1986, Queensbridge park jam legend DJ Hot Day was tapped to remix New Edition’s “Once In a Lifetime Groove.” The original record was featured on the soundtrack for Running Scared, a ditzy buddy cop flick starring Gregory Hines and Billy Crystal. Dubbed the “Master […]
Harold Stallworth takes care to never say the year. Few rappers live to enjoy a level of acclaim so universal that praise and applause, no matter how deserving, runs the risk of coming across as cliché. “In The Scrolls,” slated to appear on Large Professor’s forthcoming solo album, Living Legend, finds the good professor saluting […]