In which it is revealed that Nosaj Thing made the second half of the beat for “Pusha Man” from Acid Rap. This is probably my favorite moment on the album and I had previously assumed it was composed by Curtis Mayfield’s ghost. Wrong again. My review drops tomorrow on Pitchfork if you are interested. If […]
Nosaj Thing in the Boiler Room, in evil Ryu mode, unleashing Hadouken punches on the unsuspecting hordes. The tracklist and the Soundcloud link below the jump. Home is out now on Innovative Leisure.
Chris Daly: the right kind of sleazy. For those of you who thought you had a pretty good grasp of what Nosaj Thing brings to the beat table, it might be time to think again. On Home, his sophomore album and first on the Innovative Leisure label, “Home,” the LA answer to Boards of Canada […]
Nosaj Thing: fixing to get that Bjork in Dancer in the Dark/high-art MOMA money in 2013. This song remains vaporous and haunting and a bunch of other adjectives vaguely reminiscent of UFO abduction.  Now with 24 percent more dancing. Previously: I’m Blue The New Nosaj Thing Single.  
Nosaj Thing’s music is never an accident. You can’t imagine that his songs could bond any other way, but they never feel calculated. Pianos recall his classical education. Codas never dissolve into chaos. Everything is meticulous and properly alphabetized. Between that and his obviously singular ear, he might be the best pure songwriter of the […]