Taxi Cab confessions with El and Killer Kill.
Meow the Jewels is coming soon, In the meantime, Jamie and Mikey drop a record Store Day exclusive.
Provocative and relentless, Jaime and Mike bless us with some new visuals
From his days in St. Louis to trotting the globe with Jamie and Mike, DJ Trackstar speaks with Jimmy Ness about running them jewels fast.
Frank N Beats Mix 007 December 16, 2014
¬†Aaron Frank is a hybrid Black Messiah/Black Hippy First off, I want to offer my sincerest apology for my recent absence. As it usually happens during the holidays, I’ve recently been faced with a torrential onslaught of bullshit, which includes several major personal and family matters. However, my brief respite from Passion of the Weiss […]
Max Bell has been counting to fuck since he could speak. Zack de la Rocha working with Killer Mike and El-P makes sense. The former matches Rage Against the Machine’s political ethos; the latter produces suites that crush skulls like distorted Tom Morello guitar riffs. On “Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck”) both continue […]
Chris Daly used to hide new VHS releases behind workout videos It’s not often a song snippet is going to get mentioned here, but it’s not all that often that Run The Jewels drops a single teaser via Twitter, either. Out of seemingly no where, El-P tweeted that the next album, creatively named RTJ2, “is […]