The Underachievers continue to defy up the grunge-era slackerdom implied in their name. Or maybe not. I caught them at the Low End Theory last month and they proved that they were very real. It felt like the modern spawn of Artifacts, Camp Lo, and Souls of Mischief, though I imagine they will give a […]
The Underachievers are rapidly becoming my favorite new rap group. “Herb Shuttle” goes harder than Herb Williams. And he did average approximately 8 or 9 rebounds a game throughout most of the mid-80s. That’s pretty hard, I imagine. See Also: The Gold Theory of The Underachievers
Rappers taking hallucinogens > Rappers not taking hallucinogens. See also: The Pharcyde, Digital Underground, Reggie Noble. The Underachievers are from New York and loosely affiliated with Joey BadA$$ and The Flatbush Zombies. That sentence may be half wrong. I only can tell you what Tumblr tells me. I do know that the 90s are officially […]