If they ain't better than Sauce Twinz, they're the closest ones.
One of my favorite songs from last year’s still-slamming, Spaceship & Rockets. Houston is low-key having a moment right now, between The Outfit, Easy Yves Saint, Maxo Kream, and probably a dozen others I’m leaving out (2-way paging Shea Serrano). The album and its chopped and screwed version are below the jump, because some of […]
I might be running out of superlatives to offer to The Outfit, TX. We write about a lot of new music at this site, but it’s rare when an album stays on my iPod into the next season. Their Starships and Rockets record remains in semi-permanent rotation, a combination of screw music, swanging, and outer […]
Hi, Internet. Stop bitching about the MTV list that no one cares about. Stop interpreting Drake lyrics like they were orphic entrails that may or may not be taking shots at Pusha, Chris Brown, and Rihanna’s Battleship. There are plenty of excellent rappers actually from Houston who are getting no love because they don’t have […]
I blame only myself and maybe Shea Serrano for not putting us up on the The Outfit, TX sooner. The latter is the foremost chronicler of Houston rap and I like to think of myself as the kind of guy who would sense the disturbance in the force created from an album called, The Ballad […]