Will Hagle blames Young Chop for getting “Guap” stuck in his head. Gangsta Gibbs. Young Chop On The Beat. Retrospectively the greatest, most unexpected soundtrack possible for the Mike Tyson v. Evander Holyfield fight. The build-up to the inevitable biting of the ear consists of standard Gibbs hook-and-verse brutalization. Violence on violence. Gibbs verbal pummeling […]
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Juicy J Aint’ Gotta Say Shit September 13, 2013
Photo By Bryan Sheffield for Spin There about 10 tabs open on my browser filled with songs from artists who I’d like to write about. And here I am, about to devote our 83,432 post to Juicy J in the last year. I just spent my entire Labor Day weekend writing a 3,000 word Spin […]
Slava P ordered the Kobe beef like Shaq. When Chief Keef wrote and shot the video for “Kobe,” he probably didn’t imagine the Lakers’ season going quite like this. Then again, if the rumors about Keef’s underlying Aspergers affliction are to be believed, he probably wasn’t thinking about much, save for how to stay away […]