We hold few rules inviolate at Passion of the Weiss.  One of them is the maxim that Geoff Barrow can do no wrong. Hence, the compulsion to post the “Welcome to the Machine” cover that his other band Beak> recently dropped for one of these free compilation CD’s that Mojo gives away every month. By my estimate, this was their 84th Pink Floyd cover in the last decade, but I will still ride for Mojo anyday. They still practice the anachronistic art of journalism and can get Geoff Barrow to contribute to their compilations.

Continuing the aesthetic of BEAK> he turns Roger Waters & companies hysterical dirge into a Krautrock motorik groove. We all know Germans make the best machines. So more authobahn glide and Fritz Lang visions. Did I mention that Geoff Barrow can do no wrong? Dude is peerless. He even made The Horrors good.

MP3: BEAK > – “Welcome to the Machine”