To quote the sequel to A Dinosaur’s Story: We’re back. Our first guests are Problem and Bad Lucc, most famed for flipping Young Bleed to immense success on “Like Whaat.” But the Diamond Lane founder also dropped two of this year’s best LA rap records in the DJ Drama-presented The Separation and Million Dollar Afro in collaboration with IAMSU!. Topics covered included sampling Young Bleed on their hit single, “Like Whaat,” how Problem got his start writing for Snoop Dogg, rapping about Molly, and the pros and cons of staying independent. If you don’t know Bad Lucc, you should listen in for knowledge is delivered. If you don’t know Problem, you probably don’t listen to the radio.

We also discuss Kanye telling Sway that he does not have the answers, Jay-Z and Beyonce’s decision to go vegan, and why Weedology may be an inaccurate science. As always, the episode is below the jump with music and videos from the rapologists above.