Updated: Now you can download these as Zip Folders. Best of Boosie Part I and Best of Boosie Part II

Since Wednesday’s release of Lil Boosie, the most common question I’ve been getting is where do you start with his music? The answer is difficult because Boosie has a discography as deep as Lil Wayne or UGK. There’s his early work with C Loc, Max Minelli and the Concentration Camp and his Golden era on Trill. There are unofficial mixtapes and official ones. Full-length collaborations with Webbie, Hurricane Chris, B.G., and Ray Vicks.  His Asylum Records are often just compilations of mixtape cuts. There are “Dear Mama” ballads and ratchet dance anthems, obscure remixes that never blew up outside of the boot, rants against the police and diabetes. The ghosts of his dead homies appear alongside love letters to weed and Levi’s. His music is both blood simple and impossible to distill into a few paragraphs. It’s menacing and remorseful, capable of extreme tenderness and among the most raunchy rap ever made. He’s the closest thing the South has to a Pac, which means that he’s as misunderstood as he is worshipped.

Below the jump is a nearly 5 hour Spotify Playlist of the Best of Boosie. Some songs are omitted because there is only so much I can set it off. Do the rest yourself and celebrate Boosie week with the finest purple you can procure.

If it doesn’t all come through, you can listen to the Playlist here: spotify:user:shotsfired%21:playlist:49TNx1GtZQ2n9DqQnplTPB