Chris Daly will whip anybody’s ass in NBA Live

As you may recall, DJ QBert launched a KickStarter to fund a couple of upcoming albums and accompanying film project. Surprising no one, the native San Franciscan hit his totals with time to spare. Last time I checked, he was $28K and some change past his goal of $100 Large, so the world can expect new turntable pyrotechnics in the near future, excellent news for terrestrials both local and extra.

To say thanks, the former DMC World Champion and DMC Hall of Fame Inductee just uploaded a couple of mixes he dropped earlier this year while promoting the aforementioned Extraterrestria and Galaxxxian albums. An hour with the All Out Show and another half with Sway in the Morning has Q showing just how much of an impact his time at Low End Theory apparently had. This is a tad darker and grimier than you might associate with the scratch master, but that’s just fine by me. In addition to the more ominous vibe, naturally there’s better scratching here than you had after that unfortunate night with Loose Lucy, that’s for damn sure. Stay for the beats, but leave the creepy crawlies at home. DJQ is all about a different kind of crab scratch.

Hit the jump for the mixes.